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Does your website deliver value to you and your customers?  How does it look on a mobile device? Where does your site rank for the key phrases you think your visitors are searching for?

These are just a few examples of some questions that should be asked about your website. Business websites serve a lot of purposes, but when you take a step back and ask yourself why you even have a site to begin with, the answer should be focused on a couple of things. Mainly to get exposure to get more customers and to provide customers with value. Sure, there are a lot of things that are part of websites, but they should all relate back to those two main reasons.

Website Audit for local business

Remember, your site should benefit your business, never harm it. Issues such as a site that doesn’t display well on a mobile device, or a site that takes too long to load will have your potential customers hitting the Back button in their browser and moving onto the next site in the list of search results.  In addition to issues that scare users away, there are also issues that can impact your search engine rankings negatively. Google incorporates a wide range of items when calculating where a site should rank. Some of these include things like the speed of your site, whether or not it’s responsive to mobile, and the quality and relevancy of your site’s content.

A website audit by Digital Momentum Media can give you some ideas and direction on where you can improve your online presence. We can utilize tools to scan your site and look for areas of improvement. These audit reports can show you where you should focus your efforts and resources.

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